Breaking News: Just In Panthers GM Dan Morgan Breaks Silence On signing the 33-year-old Veteran Cornerback…

Panthers GM Dan Morgan Discusses Potential Signing of Veteran Cornerback!

Panthers General Manager Dan Morgan recently addressed the team’s potential interest in signing veteran cornerback Stephon Gilmore, emphasizing the importance of maintaining depth and competition across all positions.

While expressing excitement about fifth-round draft pick Chau Smith-Wade’s versatility and potential contributions, Morgan underscored the team’s ongoing evaluation of all options to enhance the roster.

“We’re really excited about Chau,” Morgan stated, highlighting Smith-Wade’s ability to play both inside and outside, as well as his proficiency on special teams. “He’s a guy that can really contribute and make us better,” Morgan added, emphasizing the team’s commitment to improvement at every position.

Regarding Gilmore, Morgan indicated that the Panthers remain open to discussions and exploration, refraining from ruling out any possibilities.

Carolina had previously reached out to Gilmore earlier in the offseason, and with cornerback depth still a concern post-draft, the team continues to consider options to bolster the position.

Gilmore, a South Carolina native who briefly played for the Panthers in 2021, has had a distinguished career since being drafted 10th overall by the Bills in 2012. After his rookie contract with the Bills, Gilmore signed a lucrative deal with the Patriots, where he earned accolades before joining the Panthers in 2021. Subsequently, he moved to the Colts and then the Cowboys in recent years.

Panthers Still Open To Signing CB Stephon Gilmore

In 2023, Gilmore showcased his prowess with the Cowboys, contributing significantly to the team’s defense with impressive statistics.

As the Panthers weigh their options in free agency, Gilmore remains a notable figure among the top available talents, as listed in the 2024 NFL Free Agents rankings.

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