Breaking News: Ravens’ quarterback Lamar Jackson shares shocking updates ahead of the 2024 NFL Season…

Breaking News: Lamar Jackson Shares Surprising Insights Ahead of 2024 NFL Season!

Daniel Jeremiah, an NFL Network analyst, openly regrets undervaluing Ravens’ quarterback Lamar Jackson as an NFL prospect.

“I wish I could revisit my assessment of Lamar,” Jeremiah confessed on Wednesday. “He was my 32nd player.”

Jeremiah’s final draft rankings actually placed Jackson at 39th, a staggering seven spots below where the Ravens ultimately selected him after trading up with the Philadelphia Eagles for the last pick of the first round.

Though not the highest-ranked by insiders and draft sites (Mel Kiper had Jackson at 15th and PFF at 19th), Jeremiah’s evaluation came closest to predicting Jackson’s draft position. Yet, none of these projections foresaw Jackson’s remarkable ascent to becoming a two-time NFL MVP, falling just one vote shy of being the first two-time unanimous MVP.

“Would anyone question our decision to draft him in 2018 now?” Ravens coach John Harbaugh reflected during the 2024 NFL Combine. “But back then, there were plenty of skeptics.”

Jackson’s misjudgment wasn’t confined to NFL draft analysts. Even prominent evaluators like and 247Sports assigned Jackson a modest three-star rating out of five in high school. Despite achieving success, winning the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore and finishing third in the Heisman voting as a junior, he still fell short of the coveted five-star rating by

Assessing quarterbacks is notoriously challenging, as recent history illustrates. Last year’s top pick, Bryce Young, didn’t make an immediate impact for the Carolina Panthers. Among the three quarterbacks selected in the first round, only CJ Stroud, picked by the Houston Texans at No. 2, displayed immediate promise.

In 2022, only Kenny Pickett was picked in the first round, but two seasons later, he lost his starting position for the Steelers, who then signed Russell Wilson. Meanwhile, Justin Fields, picked 11th in 2021, faces uncertainty about his future as a franchise quarterback.

Looking back at Jackson’s 2018 draft, the quarterbacks selected ahead of him have had mixed success. Despite being picked later, none have matched Jackson’s achievements. This illustrates the unpredictability of quarterback evaluations.

Jackson faced additional scrutiny due to doubts about his preferred position. In March 2018, amidst reports of teams considering him as a wide receiver, Jackson firmly stated, “I’m strictly a quarterback.” This declaration, seemingly obvious given his accolades as a college quarterback, highlighted persistent skepticism about his position.

Jackson’s unique playing style, blending Patrick Mahomes’ unconventional throws with Josh Allen’s mobility, puzzled NFL executives. While his successes were spectacular, his failures attracted undue criticism, according to Jeremiah.

Teams across the NFL have learned valuable lessons from Jackson’s journey. Jeremiah emphasizes the importance of evaluating mistakes objectively, without exaggerating their significance. Additionally, he stresses the need to prioritize talent over fitting into existing systems.

Jackson’s success prompted a shift in quarterback evaluations, focusing on adapting systems to players’ strengths rather than forcing players into predefined roles. This approach proved pivotal for the Ravens, who tailored their offense to Jackson’s abilities.

Harbaugh acknowledges Jackson’s impact on reshaping the quarterback archetype, expanding the definition to include athleticism. This trend, exemplified by quarterbacks like Wilson, Mahomes, and Allen, reflects a broader evolution in the NFL.

As mock drafts project quarterbacks like Jayden Daniels to go high in the first round, comparisons to Jackson abound. Despite initial doubts, Jackson’s influence on the game and evaluation process is undeniable.

Reflecting on Jackson’s journey, former general manager Mark Dominik believes Jackson would still be a first-round pick in today’s NFL. While questions about his playing style persist, Jackson’s undeniable talent ensures his status as a top prospect.

Jackson’s draft position doesn’t accurately reflect his greatness. His journey serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of NFL evaluations and the importance of recognizing and nurturing talent.

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