Breaking News: Miami Dolphins Finalize Plans for 2024 First-Round Picks; I Think Fans Will Like This….

The Dolphins make the final decision for the 2024 first-round pick; I think fans will like this!

As anticipation mounts, the Miami Dolphins gear up for the pinnacle moment of the NFL draft starting Thursday. For the Dolphins, this signifies the culmination of months filled with speculation, exhaustive scouting missions, and intense negotiation sessions, all leading up to their first-round pick since 2021.

In the last two years, General Manager Chris Grier’s draft weekends have been relatively subdued, with the team making just eight picks combined. This year, however, the Dolphins hold selections across various rounds, highlighting the importance of unearthing impactful players to bolster their roster, especially considering the inevitable rise in costs.

Despite addressing some gaps through free agency, questions linger as the 21st overall pick looms. One burning query revolves around Miami’s strategy of selecting the “best player available” in Round 1. Grier emphasized the team’s readiness to seize the most promising talent, with mock drafts hinting at prospects aligning with Miami’s positional needs.

The absence of a replacement for Robert Hunt at right guard stands out as a glaring gap. Prospects like Duke’s Graham Barton or Illinois’ Jer’Zhan Newton could potentially fill this role. Additionally, the Dolphins have been active in replenishing their defensive tackle lineup post-Christian Wilkins’ departure, signaling their intent to fortify this position.

Another area of concern is offensive tackle, especially with Terron Armstead’s impending departure after the current season. Although immediate starting isn’t imperative for a first-round tackle, recent injuries to Armstead could open up opportunities for rookie players like Washington’s Troy Fautanu or Georgia’s Amarius Mims.

Defensively, injuries to key edge rushers Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips underscore the need for depth in this area. Florida State’s Jared Verse emerges as a tempting option if available, despite the potential financial implications of investing heavily in pass-rushers.

As the draft approaches, the question of whether to retain or trade the 21st overall pick looms large. With no third or fourth-round picks, Grier remains open to trading down to accumulate additional draft assets, provided their top-rated prospects are off the board. Conversely, if multiple desirable prospects remain available, trading down becomes a viable option.

Regarding the quarterback position, while Tua Tagovailoa’s performance has been commendable, questions about drafting a quarterback, albeit not in the first round, linger. Grier maintains a pragmatic stance, emphasizing the importance of depth across all positions, leaving the possibility open for selecting a quarterback in later rounds to bolster competition.

With the draft fast approaching, the Dolphins find themselves at a crucial juncture, poised to make strategic decisions that will shape the team’s future success.

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