Saints GM Mickey Loomis Breaks Silence As He Explains Why He Tends Not To Trade Back In The NFL Draft…

New Orleans Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis recently shared insights into the team’s draft strategy, shedding light on their reluctance to trade back in the NFL Draft.

As the draft approaches each year, Loomis and his team embark on extensive research to evaluate the potential of trading up or down by 10 spots. This preparatory work serves as a reference point, equipping the Saints with valuable insights when draft day arrives. Loomis also engages in discussions with fellow league executives to gauge their interest in trading positions.

Despite the meticulous planning, Loomis acknowledges a pattern in the team’s draft approach.

“It’s challenging to maintain the notion of being open to trading back when it hasn’t been our practice for quite some time,” admitted Loomis.

Indeed, it has been precisely 17 years since the Saints last traded back in the draft. Instead, their tenure has been marked by a propensity for trading up, with Loomis overseeing 26 such trades since 2007. Addressing reporters at his annual pre-draft press conference, Loomis humorously acknowledged the disparity between their stated willingness to trade down and their track record.

Loomis defended the strategy of trading up, expressing confidence in its effectiveness for the franchise.

“I believe in our approach, and it’s yielded positive results for us,” stated Loomis. “If we’re doing it consistently, it must be working.”

While the efficacy of this strategy may be subject to debate, the Saints have experienced both successes and setbacks in high-profile draft trades. While moves such as acquiring pass rusher Marcus Davenport in 2018 or tackle Trevor Penning in 2022 may raise questions, other trade-ups, such as securing wide receiver Chris Olave in 2022 and running back Alvin Kamara in 2017, have proven beneficial for the team.

In navigating the complexities of the NFL Draft, Loomis remains committed to a strategic approach that has yielded a mix of outcomes over the years.

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