Houston Texans Unveil Four “Fan-Inspired H-Town Made” Uniforms…

The Houston Texans have just unveiled four fresh uniforms, marking a significant update since their inception in 2000. These new outfits, dubbed the “Fan-Inspired H-Town Made” uniforms, reflect a thoughtful nod to the vibrant culture and dedicated fan base that defines the franchise.

Drawing on extensive input from over 10,000 surveys and thirty focus groups, the Houston Texans meticulously crafted each uniform variant. Cal McNair, the club’s chair and CEO, expressed his excitement, stating, “Today marks a milestone as we proudly reveal our new uniforms, the first redesign since our inception. What makes them truly special is that they are born from the inspiration of our fans. They guided us through the process, and we’ve delivered something truly H-Town for everyone across these four uniforms.”

The home uniform maintains the iconic “deep steel blue” color, complemented by subtle touches such as the “H-Town” inscription inside the collar and the Houston logo adorning the sleeve. Notably, the helmet boasts a striking “blue-on-blue metallic flake paint” finish, adding a modern twist.

For away games, the Texans don the Liberty White uniform, featuring classic sleeve stripes and prominent logos representing both H-Town and the Texans. Meanwhile, the alternate uniform makes a bold statement with its vibrant red hue, complete with a corresponding helmet design featuring the team’s logo and distinctive bull horns.

In a groundbreaking move, the Texans become the first NFL team to introduce a new logo on an alternate helmet, establishing a two-logo system across all helmets. Rounding out the collection is the Color Rush uniform, which draws inspiration from the city itself, showcasing a unique color palette that sets it apart.

With these new uniforms, the Houston Texans not only pay homage to their roots but also embrace the spirit and energy of their devoted fan base, ensuring that every aspect of the team reflects the essence of H-Town.


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