Houston Texans’ Tank Dell Sends A Classy Message After Injury Setback…

The two-time First-team All-AAC wide receiver of the Houston Texans, Tank Dell’s last season ended with a fractured leg, but his spirit has not been derailed by the injury and now he is heading into his next campaign.

Dell has been active for a while and has also participated in the squad’s offseason program; the program started last week. He has also worked out with sensational quarterback C.J. Stroud and newly-acquired four-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

The NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and the youngest quarterback to win a playoff game, C.J. Stroud, also noted that the signs Dell is showing are positive and his improvement as a player was evidenced by his participation in the practice session.

He mentioned, via Aaron Wilson of KPRC 2 Houston Texans, “He looks great. He’s gotten a lot better. Mentally, I think for both of us, really all of the rookies coming into Year Two, everything is starting to slow down, and the wheels aren’t turning so much up in your head. You’re starting to play ball. Being able to throw with him in L.A. was really big.”

Justin Allen, the NFL trainer, also shared, “Oh man, he’s good. He’s feeling good. He’s getting back to where he left off. We’ve been working on balance, stability, explosive movements that he’s used to doing. He looks good. We do exercises, band work, stability work, isometric holds, a bunch of depth drops to get him used to absorbing force and a lot of core work involving stability.”

With the addition of Diggs, the Texans squad has become more formidable and will try once again to achieve great feats in the 2024 NFL season. Dell was selected in the 2023 Draft in the third round as the 69th pick.

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