Texans GM Breaks Silence on Joe Mixon Trade…

In a surprising turn of events, the Houston Texans, under the leadership of first-time head coach DeMeco Ryans and rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud, made an early appearance in the postseason, surpassing expectations.

Their journey saw them triumph over the Cleveland Browns in the Wild Card Round of the 2024 NFL Playoffs, only to face defeat against the Baltimore Ravens in the subsequent round.

Despite their eventual playoff exit, both the Texans organization and their fans have reason to be thrilled about the team’s trajectory, signaling promising years ahead.

General Manager Nick Caserio seized an opportunity to bolster the current roster by orchestrating blockbuster trades for Joe Mixon and Stefon Diggs, providing Stroud with additional offensive firepower.

Regarding the acquisition of Mixon, Caserio recently shared insights on the process that led to the deal, breaking his silence on the matter during an interview with Around The NFL.

“Joe was on the verge of being released. After evaluating him, we recognized his potential to enhance our team,” Caserio explained. “So, we reached out to the team and initiated discussions about our interest in acquiring him. Ultimately, the trade was finalized through negotiations involving draft picks.”

While the Texans had been utilizing a rotation of Devin Singletary and Dameon Pierce in the backfield, Mixon is slated to assume the role of lead running back within the offense.

With his combination of power running and adeptness in catching passes, Mixon brings added versatility to the Texans’ backfield, positioning himself as a significant contributor to a team poised for contention in the quest for a Super Bowl title.

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