Latest Browns News :Insider Predicts Big Trade For the Browns During the 2024 NFL Draft…

Insider Forecasts Major Trade for Browns in 2024 NFL Draft!

Cleveland Browns General Manager Andrew Berry has built a reputation for keeping all options open during the NFL Draft, often opting for strategic maneuvers to optimize the team’s selections.

In recent years, Berry has displayed a penchant for trading down in the second round to either accumulate additional picks or secure established players.

Now, insider predictions suggest that the Browns may deviate from this trend by engaging in a significant trade, potentially moving up the draft board to secure a more favorable position.

During an episode of ESPN Cleveland’s “The Daily Grossi” podcast shared on Twitter, Browns insider Tony Grossi delved into the possibility of Cleveland leveraging one of its two seventh-round picks to facilitate a trade.

Grossi highlighted the limited appeal of talent available in the seventh round, suggesting that General Manager Berry may seek to utilize one of these final-round selections as a bargaining chip in trade negotiations.

Drawing an analogy, Grossi likened a seventh-round pick to loose change, implying that the Browns could afford to part with it to sweeten the deal for potential trade partners.

With a focus on addressing key positions such as wide receiver, defensive tackle, or linebacker with their second and third-round picks, Grossi speculated that Berry could explore packaging one of the seventh-round selections to move up in either of these rounds, ensuring the availability of targeted players.

As the Browns prepare for the upcoming draft, they currently possess six picks, including selections at No. 54 in the second round, No. 85 in the third round, No. 156 in the fifth round, No. 206 in the sixth round, and two picks at No. 227 and No. 243 in the seventh round.

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