Steven Schumacher-‘This is a huge moment for us and we have to stand up and take responsibility’.

Stoke City’s journey through the final stretch of the Championship season carries immense weight, according to club legend Mike Pejic. With two crucial fixtures looming against fellow strugglers, Pejic calls upon Steven Schumacher’s squad to embrace their responsibility and rise to the challenge.

Reflecting on Stoke’s precarious position, Pejic emphasizes the importance of retaining their Championship status. Drawing on past experiences, particularly the near-miss relegation from the Premier League six years prior, he underscores the difficulty of reclaiming lost ground once demoted.

The conversation naturally gravitates towards dissecting what went wrong and scrutinizing recruitment strategies. Pejic stresses the necessity of consistently upgrading the squad, a task that Stoke has perhaps faltered in over the past several seasons.

Examining the current campaign, Pejic acknowledges the squad’s quality but points out the instability caused by frequent changes in lineup. The lingering sting of consecutive defeats earlier in the season serves as a stark reminder of the challenges ahead.

As Stoke braces for pivotal encounters against Sheffield Wednesday and Plymouth Argyle, Pejic emphasizes the significance of seizing control of their fate. With seven other teams vying to avoid the drop, securing points in these upcoming matches becomes paramount.

Pejic sets a minimum target of four points from these fixtures, urging the team to reach the coveted 50-point mark before facing Southampton and Bristol City in the final two games. He advocates for consistency in team selection and tactical approach, emphasizing the importance of building cohesive partnerships on the field.

Addressing recent lineup alterations, Pejic calls for stability and cohesion, highlighting the need for players to embrace their roles wholeheartedly. He challenges the team to prioritize collective success over individual ambitions, echoing the sentiment of unity and commitment.

Looking ahead, Pejic outlines his ideal lineup, emphasizing the need for energy, commitment, and tactical astuteness in midfield and attack. He encourages players to exploit the available spaces against upcoming opponents, urging them to seize the opportunity to become heroes.

In a separate note, Pejic expresses gratitude for being honored with a lifetime achievement award in sport, reaffirming his dedication to Taekwondo and his ongoing involvement in the sport.

Overall, Pejic’s message to Stoke City is clear: this is a defining moment, and it’s up to the team to script their own destiny.


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