QPR’s boss Marti Cifuentes makes a shocking comment after 0-1 victory at Swansea

QPR’s manager, Marti Cifuentes, delivered a startling declaration following their 1-0 triumph over Swansea, emphasizing that their mission for Championship survival remains ongoing. Despite their win propelling them six points clear of relegation trouble, Cifuentes underscored the imperative of amassing further points.

Steve Cook’s consecutive goal secured a crucial win, elevating Rangers to the 16th spot in the league standings. However, Cifuentes was quick to temper any sense of complacency, asserting, “I recognize the necessity for more points. Surveying the table, it’s evident we must gather additional points.”

He continued, “Undoubtedly, we find ourselves in a favorable moment—the team’s progression, resilience, and confidence are palpable. Nevertheless, with six games remaining, we must remain vigilant and strive for more points. Humility is key. At this stage of the season, every fixture is a significant battle. We must persist in our efforts; there’s no room for cessation.”

Cifuentes made strategic alterations to the starting lineup, notably reinstating Morgan Fox, who had recuperated from injury. Fox was preferred over Ziyad Larkeche, stepping in for the unwell Kenneth Paal.

Explaining his selection, Cifuentes elucidated, “Our decisions were predicated on tactical considerations. Swansea’s proclivity for crossing—approximately 45 to 50 crosses—shaped our defensive approach. Deploying a back four seemed prudent to contend with their aerial threat.”

He concluded, “In essence, our objective was to nullify their crossing prowess, and I believe we executed our defensive strategy effectively.”

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