Town’s boss, Kieran McKenna drops a stuning verdict on Blackburn’s big win, disallowed goals, and fitness updates…

McKenna Reflects on Ipswich Win, Disallowed Blackburn Goals, and Camp Illness

Ipswich Town manager Kieran McKenna expressed his satisfaction with his team’s hard-fought 1-0 victory against Blackburn Rovers, despite some contentious moments and illness affecting his squad.

Conor Chaplin’s goal in the ninth minute secured the win for Ipswich at Ewood Park, with Blackburn having three goals disallowed, adding drama to the encounter.

Reflecting on the win, McKenna acknowledged the significance of every victory in the competitive Championship, especially away from home. He praised his team’s performance, noting a strong start to the game and a well-executed goal by Chaplin.

McKenna acknowledged Blackburn’s threat on the counter and their attempt to exploit the midfield but felt Ipswich controlled most of the first half. He also highlighted the challenge of fatigue, particularly with players returning from international duty, such as Kieffer Moore, who had to be substituted early due to fatigue.

While McKenna hoped for a more dominant second half, he commended his team’s defensive efforts and their ability to secure a clean sheet amid pressure from Blackburn.

The manager also addressed the controversial decisions made by the referee, Stuart Atwell, including a possible penalty for Ipswich early in the game and the disallowed goals for Blackburn. McKenna felt the referee handled the game well overall, despite some contentious calls.

Aware of the importance of other Championship results, McKenna confirmed that he and his team had followed earlier matches but stressed that it did not affect their preparation or mindset for their game.

Regarding illness affecting his squad, McKenna revealed that several players, including Leif Davis and Harry Clarke, had been struggling with flu-like symptoms. Despite the challenges, he praised the commitment of his players, emphasizing Moore’s determination to play despite illness.

Overall, McKenna expressed satisfaction with the result and praised his team’s resilience in securing the win amid various challenges both on and off the pitch.

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