Breaking news: Bears Head coach Matt Eberflus dropped a hint at what the Chicago Bears might do with the ninth pick…

The Chicago Bears seem destined to select Caleb Williams at 1.01. However, not enough people seem to be talking about what they might do with the ninth pick in the draft. Did Matt Eberflus drop a hint this morning while at the annual coaches meeting?

Matt Eberflus, during the 2024 NFL Annual League Meeting, provided insight into the Chicago Bears’ strategy for the ninth pick in the upcoming draft. Herb Howard of The Bigs reported Eberflus’ comments, noting that when questioned about the team’s plans for their draft pick, particularly focusing on offensive prospects, Eberflus emphasized their intention to select players who either support or impact the quarterback.

Interpreting Eberflus’ statement could provide hints about the Bears’ draft strategy. The first part suggests they’re eyeing players who can aid the quarterback, which could encompass various offensive positions such as wide receiver, left tackle, or tight end like Brock Bowers. However, it’s unlikely they’d consider a running back or interior linemen at such a high pick.

On the flip side, Eberflus also mentioned targeting players who could disrupt opposing quarterbacks. While this might immediately suggest a pass rusher, it could extend to any defensive position. Considering the Bears’ roster, cornerback and linebacker seem less probable given their existing depth. Safety could be an option, but the draft class might not offer a standout worthy of a top-10 pick. Hence, trading down could be a viable option for Chicago, given their limited number of picks.

However, if the Bears opt to stay put at the ninth spot, defensive end appears to be the most plausible selection. Prospects like Jared Verse, Laiatu Latu, or Dallas Turner could fit the bill, with Verse standing out as a top choice. Alternatively, players like Jerry Newton or Byron Murphy II could also be considered, although Newton seems more likely as a top-10 prospect.

While Eberflus’ remarks offer some insight, they leave considerable room for interpretation. While some positions may seem more probable, the Bears could ultimately surprise with their selection. Nonetheless, speculation continues to center around wide receiver, left tackle, tight end, or an EDGE rusher as potential targets for the Bears’ ninth pick.

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