The Vikings Break the Silence to Drafting NCAA’s Leading Passer if Trade Fails…

The Minnesota Vikings have set themselves up to potentially make a significant move in the NFL draft, aiming to secure a top quarterback prospect. However, they’ve also devised a backup plan should their primary strategy falter.

With the No. 11 pick already in hand and the recent acquisition of the No. 23 selection from the Houston Texans, the Vikings have positioned themselves to engage in trade talks with teams holding higher picks. By packaging these picks, along with possibly a future first-rounder, they could strike a deal with teams like the Los Angeles Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, or New England Patriots, who hold top selections in the draft.

Yet, in a scenario where the top three quarterback prospects are off the board early, leaving the Vikings at risk of missing out on their desired pick, they have prepared an alternative approach. This entails targeting second-tier prospects later in the first round.

ESPN’s Jason Reid suggests that their primary focus should be on securing a trade with the Patriots for the No. 3 pick, granting them access to talents like LSU’s Jayden Daniels, North Carolina’s Drake Maye, or Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy. Failing that, a swap with the Chargers for the No. 5 pick appears to be the next logical step.

However, even if these trade maneuvers fall through, the Vikings still have a valuable asset in the No. 23 pick, which opens up various possibilities. They could opt for quarterbacks like Washington’s Michael Penix Jr. or Oregon’s Bo Nix. Reid also suggests the option of trading down from this spot to acquire additional assets while still targeting their preferred quarterback.

The draft landscape suggests that while the top quarterback prospects are likely to be picked early, there’s a chance that Penix Jr., who led the NCAA in passing yards last season, could still be available around the Vikings’ pick. This scenario becomes more plausible considering projections from experts like Mel Kiper Jr., who forecasts the Broncos selecting Nix with the 12th pick.

Penix Jr. boasts an impressive collegiate record, with 36 touchdowns and 11 interceptions last season, along with a strong QBR ranking. His performances, including victories over Nix’s Oregon team, have demonstrated his potential as a top-tier quarterback prospect. Additionally, despite setbacks such as injuries and transfers, Penix Jr. brings maturity and experience to the table, having stayed in college until the age of 23.

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