Patrick Mahomes drops a nine-word post as he mocks Travis Kelce for being one of the oldest Chiefs players yet to win a…

Patrick Mahomes :”We still have a young team… other than Trav”

Patrick Mahomes Playfully Jabs Travis Kelce for Age Among Chiefs

Celebrating their third Super Bowl victory together, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce share a bond beyond the football field. Yet, even in moments of triumph, Mahomes couldn’t resist poking fun at his friend during a discussion about the Kansas City Chiefs’ locker room dynamics.

With three championships in five years, Mahomes and Kelce have been instrumental in the Chiefs’ success, including back-to-back Super Bowl wins. Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Mahomes eyes the historic feat of a ‘three-peat,’ emphasizing the team’s youthful energy, except for one notable exception.

In a playful jab at Kelce, who at 34 is among the elder statesmen of the team, Mahomes quipped, “We still have a young team… other than Trav.”

Despite being one of the oldest players on the roster alongside James Winchester, Kelce continues to showcase his prowess on the field, contributing crucial performances during the Chiefs’ postseason campaigns.

As the Chiefs gear up for the next season, Mahomes welcomes the addition of Marquise Brown to the receiving corps, noting Brown’s hunger for success and desire to be part of something special.

Reflecting on the team’s collective hunger for victory, Mahomes envisions a future built on a foundation of ambition and a shared goal of greatness.And while Mahomes jests about Kelce’s age, their camaraderie remains unwavering as they strive for continued success on the football field.


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