Texans’ Chairman and CEO Cal McNair goes viral after a huge declaration made…

Texans News: Cal McNair closer to becoming franchise owner…

The NFL is poised to approve Cal McNair, the current chairman and CEO of the Texans, as the team’s new principal owner, replacing his mother Janice McNair. This move, which Janice McNair supports, comes amidst confirmation that the team is not up for sale. McNair, highly regarded by fellow owners, oversees the team’s daily operations alongside his wife Hannah McNair, who serves as the vice president of the Texans’ charitable foundation.

This decision follows a legal battle within the McNair family, where Cary McNair, Janice’s other son, withdrew his request for guardianship, thereby resolving the matter. Cal McNair’s lawyer expressed relief over the resolution, highlighting Cal’s focus on the team’s upcoming season and gratitude towards the court’s handling of the case.

Janice McNair, the widow of the team’s late founder Bob McNair, expressed satisfaction with the court’s ruling and a desire to move past the legal ordeal. The dispute centered around Cary McNair’s allegations of Janice’s mental incapacitation, which were vehemently denied by Janice, Cal, and their legal representatives.

The court’s decision to deny Cary McNair’s request for an independent medical exam was pivotal, leading to the eventual dismissal of the case. Throughout the legal proceedings, Cal and Janice McNair emphasized the importance of protecting their family’s privacy and business interests.

With Cal McNair set to assume the role of principal owner, the Texans look ahead to the future, buoyed by recent successes on the field, including standout performances by quarterback C.J. Stroud and defensive end Will Anderson Jr. Despite past challenges, Janice McNair remains optimistic about the team’s prospects, eager to build on their recent accomplishments.

In addition to football achievements, retired Texans player Andre Johnson reflected on his upcoming induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, expressing gratitude towards the McNair family for their support throughout his career. Johnson recalled fond memories of sharing his success with Janice McNair, underscoring the special bond between player and team ownership.





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