Done Deal: Head coach Mike McDaniel shares a stunning verdict on what the 31-year-old WR could bring to the Dolphins’ offense …

What offensive benefits may Odell Beckham Jr. provide the Dolphins?

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Odell Beckham Jr., a wide receiver, visited the Miami Dolphins yesterday as a free agent. The Dolphins are looking for a third wide receiver who can play in place of Jaylen Waddle or Tyreek Hill when they are not on the field. The primary concern over Beckham’s addition would be his cost. Beckham would be a fantastic option to start as the Dolphins’ third receiver if he’s ready to accept a lower salary.

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With Odell Beckham Jr., how would the offense of the Miami Dolphins look?
Odell Beckham Jr., a two-time All-Pro, is being pursued by the Miami Dolphins. In an offense that is already loaded, how would he fit in?


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