Zac Taylor shares his verdict as the Bengals are Expected to Makes Worrisome Decision about First Round Pick in 2024… 

Cincinnati Bengals Expected First Round Pick in 2024 Makes Worrisome Decision…

Concern Arises Over Cincinnati Bengals’ Potential First-Round Pick in 2024

Cincinnati finds itself facing a worrisome situation with their upcoming draft pick, signaling potential trouble for the team. Amidst the offseason shuffle, the Bengals have diligently worked to fortify their roster. Although they managed to retain most key players, the departure of starting right tackle Jonah Williams left a crucial gap that needed urgent attention.

Addressing this gap became a priority for Cincinnati, and they made a significant move on Tuesday by signing veteran right tackle Trent Brown. Brown, who showcased stellar performance with the New England Patriots last season, is expected to seamlessly fill the vacant starting position. However, his one-year contract hints at the Bengals viewing him as a short-term solution rather than a permanent fixture on the offensive line.

Looking ahead to the 2024 NFL Draft, the Bengals are eyeing several offensive tackle prospects, with Alabama’s J.C. Latham emerging as a standout choice. Standing at an imposing 6’6″ and weighing 360 pounds, Latham perfectly aligns with offensive line coach Frank Pollack’s preference for size.

Alabama recently hosted its pro day, offering NFL teams a chance to evaluate prospective players. Despite Latham’s stature and projected first-round status, he opted out of key athletic tests like the forty-yard dash and shuttle drills. While this decision isn’t unprecedented, Cincinnati’s track record with linemen who skipped such tests isn’t reassuring. The likes of Jonah Williams, Billy Price from Ohio State, and Jackson Carman from Clemson, all previously drafted by the Bengals, faced challenges in their NFL careers, with only Williams achieving moderate success.

Although some NFL players have succeeded without participating in pro day drills, Latham’s choice raises concerns, particularly given his hefty build. Athleticism holds paramount importance in NFL pass blocking, and Latham’s reluctance to showcase his skills alongside other top prospects could hinder his standing in the draft.

Despite reservations, Latham remains a favored pick for Cincinnati in the draft’s first round. However, this recent development warrants careful consideration and underscores the need for caution moving forward.

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