The Bears have fooled fans with quarterback decision already made…

The Bears have stirred confusion among fans with their apparent inability to trade quarterback Justin Fields. Many speculate that this indicates Fields holds little trade value in the eyes of the league. However, I propose a different interpretation: the Bears likely have a prearranged deal or understanding in place.

There’s a growing sentiment in the sports world that Justin Fields might not be seen as starting material by NFL teams. Whether it’s due to high asking prices or general skepticism about his worth, many are left wondering. Yet, it seems shortsighted to dismiss Fields’ value outright, given his talent.

Each time a quarterback is acquired through free agency or trade, critics suggest that even those quarterbacks are deemed more valuable than Fields. However, many of these acquisitions are for backup roles, not starting positions.

It’s plausible that the Bears have already negotiated a deal, potentially with the Washington Commanders, who hold the second pick in the NFL Draft. This deal could involve trading Fields to Washington or trading the Bears’ first overall pick for predetermined compensation.

In either scenario, the Commanders could address their quarterback needs, possibly selecting Marvin Harrison Jr. with their pick. The recent signing of Marcus Mariota by the Commanders suggests they’re considering various quarterback options, including Fields, Caleb Williams, or Jayden Daniels.

If the Bears were to trade back to the second pick and still desire a quarterback, they might have explored options with teams like the Patriots. This maneuvering isn’t far-fetched; similar discussions occurred last year regarding potential trades at the NFL Combine.

Speculation about the Bears’ intentions remains rampant, highlighting the secrecy surrounding their decision-making process. While outsiders continue to guess, Bears’ general manager Poles appears focused on making the right choice while keeping their strategy under wraps.

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