Newest Ottawa Senator Zack Ostapchuk ‘left a legacy with his amazing leadership’…

Zack Ostapchuk, formerly the captain of the Vancouver Giants, recently made his NHL debut with the Ottawa Senators, drawing praise from his ex-teammates and management. Mazden Leslie, a former Giants teammate, commended Ostapchuk’s deservingness of the opportunity, highlighting his leadership qualities.

Vancouver Giants’ general manager, Barclay Parneta, shared his interaction with Ostapchuk upon learning about his NHL debut, emphasizing Ostapchuk’s prompt and characteristic response despite the hectic nature of the day. Parneta described Ostapchuk as genuine and low-maintenance, reflecting on his exemplary conduct both on and off the ice.

In his NHL debut against the Pittsburgh Penguins, Ostapchuk showcased his skills, earning over 12 minutes of ice time and contributing to Ottawa’s overtime victory. Parneta emphasized Ostapchuk’s professionalism and team-oriented approach, noting his consistency and adaptability as qualities that will ensure a successful career.

Drafted by the Senators in the second round of the 2021 NHL Draft, Ostapchuk’s versatility and commitment to team success have been evident throughout his career, from his time with the Giants to his current stint with Ottawa’s affiliate team. Parneta praised Ostapchuk’s leadership, highlighting his pivotal role in guiding the Giants during challenging times.

Despite Ostapchuk’s departure from the Giants, his impact and leadership continue to resonate within the team, with defenseman Mazden Leslie acknowledging his ongoing influence and support. Ostapchuk’s legacy of leadership and dedication to team success remain a significant part of the Vancouver Giants’ narrative.


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