Gary O’Neil makes Wolves’ admission and has no concerns over the future…

Gary O’Neil has acknowledged his fortune in being appointed as the head coach for Wolves and expresses confidence in the club’s ability to align with his coaching aspirations.

Despite his eagerness to ascend in his coaching career following nearly two decades as a player, O’Neil stresses the mutual commitment between himself and the Wolves towards progressing into European competitions and beyond.

He dismisses the notion that Wolves must match his personal ambitions, emphasizing their shared objectives and determination to advance together. O’Neil recognizes the financial constraints and the necessity for success in transfer markets and coaching to maintain competitiveness, but he asserts his belief that his ambitions will never surpass the stature of the club.

While affirming his harmony with Wolves’ ambitions, O’Neil prefers to downplay discussions about the future, prioritizing the team’s current endeavors in the Premier League and FA Cup. He acknowledges the transient nature of football, where outcomes can quickly influence perceptions, yet reiterates his contentment with the Wolves and their collective progress.

O’Neil is adamant about maintaining focus and diligence to sustain their achievements, cautioning against complacency and external distractions, particularly regarding discussions of future plans and ambitions.

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