“Not sure there’s many better”: Todd Golden makes a stunning comment as he hails the 23-year-old star…

Todd Golden Discusses Zyon Pullin’s Impact: Few Better in the Game!

Graduate transfer Zyon Pullin has earned accolades as First Team All-SEC for his outstanding performance in the Orange and Blue this season. With an average of 15.7 points, 5.0 assists, and 3.8 rebounds per game, Pullin played a pivotal role in Florida’s successful regular season, boasting 21 wins, the team’s highest count heading into postseason play since 2016-17.

Reflecting on Pullin’s unexpected contributions, Head Coach Todd Golden admitted, “I’d be dishonest if I said we anticipated him to rank among the top point guards in the nation.” Yet, Golden praised Pullin’s consistency and control over the game, labeling him as possibly one of the best in the country. Pullin’s offensive prowess, validated by KenPom’s rating, places him at the top among college point guards, further solidifying his impact.

Golden emphasized Pullin’s remarkable consistency and work ethic, highlighting his steady demeanor and improvement over time. Pullin’s impressive 4.38 assist-to-turnover ratio, along with multiple 20-point games and a notable three-point shooting percentage, underscore his versatile skill set.

Describing Pullin as a quintessential basketball player with an innate understanding of the game, Golden lauded his impact beyond mere athleticism. Despite Pullin’s stellar performance, his absence from the AP All-SEC teams sparked debate, with Golden suggesting it was an oversight. Nevertheless, Pullin remains focused on the team’s goals as they gear up for the SEC Tournament.

Currently, Pullin and the Florida Gators are in Nashville, Tennessee, gearing up for their upcoming SEC Tournament match against either Georgia or Missouri.

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