Jacques Martin has a cryptic message as the Senators’ face a huge setback ahead of Penguins’ clash…

As the Senators experience a significant setback, Jacques Martin has a mysterious message…

Parker Kelly, a forward with the Ottawa Senators, will miss two games after a head hit.

NEW YORK The Ottawa Senators’ Parker Kelly will miss two games due to a suspension.

The Department of Player Safety of the National Hockey League declared on Friday night that Kelly would miss two games without pay for allegedly giving an unauthorized check to Los Angeles Kings defenseman Andreas Englund’s head during Thursday’s game at Crypto-dot-com Arena.

The incident happened in the third period at 16:25. Kelly received a light punishment for the unlawful hit to the head.

“There are definitely frustrations that build,” said Martin, in advance of his team’s home game against the Penguins. “But you have to manage that, you have to adjust to your team. As a coach, you’re going to lose it sometimes. But it can’t be a common thing.

“I’m pretty mild outside, but I can be emotional and different inside with the group. I’ve always prided myself on resolving issues within the dressing room.  Sometimes, you have to read your group. You have to know their limitations.

“I don’t think I’ve changed that much. I’ve got more experience now. But I’ve always been fairly patient. In some cases, when I look back, I’ve been too patient with certain players at times.”

In overtime, the Kings emerged victorious, 4-3.

Kelly will forfeit $7,942.70 U.S. under the rules of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and based on his average yearly wage. The Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund is the beneficiary of the funds.

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