Ravens “Trying to Get a Deal Done” with the 26-year-old defensive tackle…

Amidst the buzz surrounding the NFL combine and impending free agency, the Baltimore Ravens have some pressing matters to address regarding their own roster. One notable issue involves the use of the franchise tag on Justin Madubuike.

For those unfamiliar, the non-exclusive franchise tag, similar to what was applied to Lamar Jackson last year, is under consideration for Madubuike. While the Ravens have time to negotiate a long-term deal with him, there’s urgency to do so before free agency commences. Cole Jackson emphasizes the potential salary cap implications of the tag and suggests that securing a long-term agreement could mitigate its impact.

Madubuike’s standout performance in 2023 underscores the importance of retaining him. His contribution elevated the Ravens’ interior pass rush, turning it into a defensive strength. Locking him up long-term would solidify the defensive line and allow the front office to focus on other areas of need in free agency or the draft, such as the running back position.

Despite the historical devaluation of running backs in the market, DeCosta could capitalize on the availability of high-caliber players like Tony Pollard and De’Andre Swift at potentially lower costs. The draft also presents opportunities, with prospects like Blake Corum garnering attention.

Amidst discussions of potential acquisitions, it’s crucial not to overlook potential departures. Players like Patrick Queen and Arthur Maulet, whose contributions were significant last season, could be on the move. While the Ravens express interest in retaining Odell Beckham Jr., the projected cost might not align with their plans, especially considering alternatives like the upcoming draft class or impending free agent Calvin Ridley.

The Ravens must balance their roster needs, including securing Madubuike, while also navigating potential departures and exploring cost-effective options in free agency and the draft.


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