“Perfect man”: Swindon Town’s superstar makes it clear who he wants as the new manager…

Swindon Town’s Charlie Austin has voiced his strong endorsement for Gavin Gunning to take over as the permanent manager of the team. Gunning, who has been placed in an interim role after the departure of Michael Flynn, is seen by Austin as the ideal candidate due to his familiarity with the club, its players, and the overall environment. Austin emphasizes the importance of continuity and stability, suggesting that bringing in someone new would disrupt the progress already made.

At 33, Gunning may be considered young for a managerial role, but his knowledge of the club and its personnel makes him a sensible choice for the future. While Gunning’s initial results have been mixed, Swindon Town find themselves in a comfortable mid-table position, allowing them to plan for the upcoming season with aspirations of returning to League One.

Gunning’s association with Swindon dates back to 2022, and he has since held various roles within the club. As a former player with extensive experience, including stints at clubs like Blackburn Rovers and Dundee United, he brings a well-rounded perspective to the managerial position. Swindon’s upcoming match against Mansfield Town presents an opportunity to continue assessing Gunning’s suitability for the permanent role.

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