The Commanders’ GM pinpoints an important factor in landing the NFL Draft jackpot amid the rumored QB hunt… 

Every NFL general manager dreams of hitting the jackpot during the NFL Draft, but it’s a challenging task. Washington Commanders GM Adam Peters acknowledged this during the 2024 NFL Draft Combine, emphasizing that evaluating talent is not an exact science.

Peters highlighted the inevitability of making mistakes in player evaluations, but he also stressed the importance of having a high success rate in drafting players. He believes that building a strong team is about accumulating more hits than misses, regardless of whether the player is a first-round pick or a late-round selection.

The Washington Commanders are gearing up for the 2024 NFL Draft with nine picks, including the No. 2 overall pick. While they are expected to target a new quarterback, there’s no certainty in their approach, as they might even trade the pick. However, Peters and the Commanders understand the significance of this draft, especially with the team undergoing significant changes in their coaching staff.

New head coach Dan Quinn has faith in Peters and the front office to select the right talent. There’s pressure to succeed, but it will take time to determine whether the drafted players will develop into valuable assets for Washington or any other team.



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