Insider shares crucial claims and admits Justin Jefferson’s Trade Isn’t What You Think It Would Be…

If the Vikings are thinking about trading Justin Jefferson, this is the week to make a deal

The Vikings are currently in a situation where they have not yet extended the contract of their receiver, Justin Jefferson. With the salary cap for 2024 set to increase significantly, it may become more expensive to keep Jefferson on the team. This has led to speculation that the Vikings might consider trading him, especially if they can acquire draft capital that would allow them to move up in the draft and secure a franchise quarterback.

The timing for such a trade would be ideal this week, as the entire league is gathered in Indianapolis for the Scouting Combine, providing an opportunity for teams to discuss potential deals. While trades cannot be officially completed until the start of the league year on March 13, agreements can be reached in advance.

There have been rumors circulating that the Vikings could make Jefferson available for trade, especially since the two sides failed to reach a long-term contract agreement before the start of the 2023 season. Jefferson may be seeking a higher salary than what the Vikings have offered, similar to the situation the Kansas City Chiefs faced with Tyreek Hill two years ago.

The Vikings would need to find a team willing to offer enough draft capital and pay Jefferson the salary he desires. If they can find such a team, now would be the time to make the trade, especially if their goal is to acquire a top quarterback in the draft.

However, trading Jefferson would not be without risks. He has proven himself as a great player, and giving up on him in the hopes of finding a franchise quarterback could be a gamble. The Vikings have had great receivers in the past, but that has not led them to a Super Bowl victory. In a league where quarterbacks are crucial, the Vikings may need to prioritize finding a top quarterback to return to the top of the league.

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