Bruins’ president Cam Neely has a ‘classy’ message ahead of NHL trade deadline…

Boston Bruins president Cam Neely is facing a challenging task as the NHL trade deadline approaches. He acknowledges that the team has a long list of needs, but is determined to find ways to improve the team’s performance.

Neely specifically mentions the need for a strong defender and additional offensive support. However, the Bruins are in a difficult position due to their limited draft capital and cap space.

Despite this, Neely is open to exploring options that could enhance the team’s lineup, such as adding more grit to the bottom lines. The Bruins have already made some moves by bringing in Justin Brazeau and Anthony Richard from Providence, which has had a positive impact on the fourth line.

With six games left before the trade deadline, the Bruins are focused on making strategic decisions to strengthen the team.

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