Vikings Urged to Sign $67 Million Star Before He Lands With Rivals…

Before he joins competitors, the Vikings are urged to sign a $67 million star…

The four-time Pro Bowl edge rusher Danielle Hunter may have further issues with the Minnesota Vikings after they allowed her depart in free agency.

Writer La Velle E. Neal of the Star Tribune speculated that if the Vikings decide not to re-sign Hunter, he might end up with the NFC North rival Detroit Lions or Chicago Bears. Hunter is said to have a “very strong market” in free agency.

This is a very real possibility that would probably cause suffering for Purple supporters. In a column published on February 17, Neal wrote, “It would mean not only that Hunter left as a free agent, but also that the dynamic defensive end signed within the division.” “Aidan Hutchinson of Detroit and Montez Sweat of Chicago would be overjoyed to have another pass-rushing wizard on their roster. Hunter would also have two chances a season to make up for what the Vikings are lacking.

The Bears are “very high” on Hunter and have enough cap room to sign the 29-year-old, who just had a career high in sacks (16.5), forced fumbles (4), total tackles (89), and tied for the league lead with 23 tackles for loss. This information was published by ESPN’s Dan Graziano on February 10.

After missing half of the 2021 season due to a torn pectoral injury and the entire 2020 season due to a neck ailment, Hunter’s health was questioned. However, for the last two years, he has participated in every game.

In order to prevent the Lions or Bears from assembling one of the most potent pass rush tandems in the league with Hunter, Neal pushed the Vikings to reach an agreement on a contract extension with the player.

“All they have to do is sign Hunter to a contract extension to eliminate the possibility of him haunting the Vikings,” Neal wrote.

Neal’s request is flawed because Hunter’s contract negotiations with the Vikings are “on hold” at the moment.

Danielle Hunter Awaiting the Vikings’ Decision Regarding Kirk Cousins’ Trade.
Hunter should be prioritized by the Vikings, as Neal recommended, but as of right now, they’ve put him in limbo with less than a month until free agency starts on March 13.

The Vikings have placed their contract negotiations with Hunter “on hold” until they decide whether to re-sign Kirk Cousins or allow the seasoned quarterback to go in free agency, according to an ESPN report from February 10.

Regretfully, it is unlikely that the Vikings will decide on Cousins in the end until after the NFL Scouting Combine. They’ve had months to reach a compromise, but none has been reached. Following the discovery of Cousins’ rival offers at the combine by Cousins’ agent, there will probably be one last negotiation.

Hunter will also find out what kind of contract he may sign in free agency at that point, which will put pressure on the Vikings to match. Preferably, Hunter would sign with the Vikings before to learning his worth at the combine, where Pro Football Focus estimated that it would be a $67 million, three-year contract.

The Vikings should sign both stars to a contract before they receive a strong offer from a team with far more financial space if they really want either player.

The Linked Fate of Danielle Hunter and Kirk Cousins
Kirk Cousins, Kevin O’Connell, and the Minnesota Vikings

Given how much losing either player would affect their side of the ball, one could argue that Cousins and Hunter are a package deal.

If the Vikings signed Cousins without Hunter, their pass rush would be severely diminished, and their season would not be much more promising than a playoff exit in the first round.

However, with Cousins owing $28 million in dead money if he does not resign, cutting Cousins would be a possible step back.

There is a timeframe in which Hunter is still in his prime and helps the Vikings make a significant postseason run if they draft well in 2024.

But with a quarterback change in Minnesota, Hunter might prefer to finish his career with a more reliable opponent, which is not a given.

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