Minnesota Vikings criticized for their Controversial Decision On Kirk Cousins…

The Minnesota Vikings were criticized for their controversial choice about Kirk Cousins.

Contract talks between quarterback Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings have been at an impasse since the start of the summer. Due to the fact that the veteran quarterback is expected to be among, if not the most sought-after player available, there has been a great deal of conjecture that he may sign with a new team during this year’s free agency.

Fans and pundits have criticized the Vikings heavily for delaying their decision on Cousins, claiming that they have handled the matter badly if they plan to keep the veteran quarterback.

To minimize his cap hit for the 2022 campaign, which the team ended with a 13-4 record and a divisional championship, Minnesota signed the quarterback to a one-year deal two years prior. Last year, the parties attempted to reach a contract agreement once more, but to no avail. Despite Cousins’ 2023 Achilles tear, the team’s general sentiment in Minnesota appears to be keeping the veteran on the field.

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