Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ QB Baker Mayfield gets 100% real about Brock Purdy hate…

Baker Mayfield, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has had a remarkable season in 2023, leading his team to victory in the NFC South and securing a playoff spot. Despite facing criticism throughout his career, Mayfield has proven himself on the field, especially in the NFC Divisional round against the Detroit Lions.

Mayfield has now turned his attention to defending Brock Purdy, the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Purdy, who recently played in the Super Bowl against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, has faced unfair criticism, according to Mayfield. Mayfield expressed his frustration with the negative comments directed at Purdy, particularly the label of “game manager,” which Mayfield believes is unwarranted.

In the Super Bowl, Purdy performed admirably, making crucial throws for the 49ers despite the team’s offensive struggles. Mayfield’s support for Purdy is a welcome sight, as it highlights the camaraderie among NFC quarterbacks who are often underestimated and criticized.

Mayfield’s defense of Purdy is a reminder that players in the NFL are often unfairly judged, and it’s important to recognize their contributions on the field. Mayfield’s honesty and support for Purdy are commendable, and it’s a positive sign for the NFL community.

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