The Penguins Advised To Move Jake Guentzel If Teams Meet the High Price…

The Pittsburgh Penguins are facing a tumultuous season, evident from their recent losses against Minnesota and Winnipeg, marking just five wins in their last 14 games. Despite the stellar performance of captain Sidney Crosby, the team’s inconsistency has sparked speculation regarding the future of key players, particularly winger Jake Guentzel, who is set to become an unrestricted free agent (UFA).

Reports suggest that the Penguins are demanding a steep price for Guentzel, reportedly seeking a first-round draft pick along with a promising prospect or established NHL player in any potential trade. Guentzel, who ranks second on the team in assists and points, is a coveted asset for teams seeking offensive firepower.

The potential for Guentzel to sign a contract extension influences the willingness of teams to meet the Penguins’ demands. However, as the NHL’s trade deadline approaches, the likelihood of Guentzel remaining in Pittsburgh diminishes. Teams such as the St. Louis Blues, Edmonton Oilers, and New York Islanders, currently in playoff contention, could greatly benefit from Guentzel’s skills, even if only for the remainder of the season.

While parting ways with Guentzel would be painful for the Penguins and their fans, it reflects the reality of modern NHL roster management. The 29-year-old has been an integral part of the Penguins’ success, including winning the Stanley Cup, but loyalty to one team throughout a player’s career is increasingly rare in today’s league.

Pittsburgh’s struggles this season raise concerns about their competitiveness in the near future, despite Guentzel’s contributions. The team’s limited pool of elite prospects due to previous trades adds urgency to the decision-making process for General Manager Kyle Dubas.

Dubas faces the difficult task of justifying Guentzel’s departure to the team’s core players, including Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang, and Erik Karlsson, who have remained with the Penguins with the expectation of continued contention for the Stanley Cup. However, clinging to past success at the expense of necessary changes is no longer sustainable for the organization.

While Guentzel has been a loyal member of the Penguins, the team must prioritize its future over sentimental attachments to its championship-winning era. The inevitability of Guentzel’s departure underscores the need for Pittsburgh to transition to a new phase in its roster construction.

The Penguins are poised to trade Jake Guentzel amidst a challenging season, with the only remaining question being which team will acquire his services. The decision reflects the team’s acknowledgment of the need for change to remain competitive in the evolving landscape of the NHL.


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