Spencer Dinwiddie Reveals Major Reasons for Signing with Lakers after Raptors exit…

Spencer Dinwiddie’s recent move to the Los Angeles Lakers over the Dallas Mavericks has stirred curiosity about the reasoning behind his decision. After being traded from the Brooklyn Nets to the Toronto Raptors and subsequently waived, Dinwiddie emerged as a prime target in the buyout market. Ultimately, he chose the Lakers, signing a one-year, $1.5 million deal, a decision he elaborated on during his initial practice with the team.

Dinwiddie disclosed that he extensively deliberated his options during a flight, engaging in discussions with his parents and a friend. He sought input from former teammates like D’Angelo Russell, Taurean Prince, Christian Wood, and Rui Hachimura, whose excitement to see him contributed positively to his considerations.

Comparing the Lakers and Mavericks to parental figures, Dinwiddie characterized Dallas as the nurturing mother and Los Angeles as the stern father, each offering contrasting advice on dealing with adversity. He felt the Lakers’ approach, akin to a father’s insistence on resilience, was more aligned with his needs at the time.

Furthermore, Dinwiddie highlighted Lakers’ general manager Rob Pelinka’s proactive outreach, noting that Pelinka’s early call made a significant impression. Despite having a history with Dallas and receiving interest from other teams, the Lakers’ approach stood out to him.

In assessing his decision, Dinwiddie emphasized the Lakers’ potential for postseason success, buoyed by star players like LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Additionally, the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream of playing for his hometown team held significant personal value for Dinwiddie.

Regarding his role on the team, Dinwiddie expressed a commitment to creating offensive opportunities by driving to the rim and contributing defensively with his size and length on the perimeter. He emphasized the importance of fitting into the team’s system rather than pursuing individual success.

Dinwiddie welcomed the pressure of playing for the Lakers and acknowledged the heightened expectations that come with representing such a storied franchise. He noted the team’s ability to perform in crucial moments, referencing their success in winning the NBA’s inaugural in-season tournament as evidence of their competitive prowess.

Additionally, Dinwiddie acknowledged the challenges of consistently maintaining a high level of play throughout the season but expressed confidence in the Lakers’ ability to excel when it matters most. He recognized that opponents often elevate their game when facing the Lakers due to the team’s reputation and the presence of LeBron James.

Overall, Dinwiddie’s decision to join the Lakers was influenced by a combination of factors, including the team’s championship potential, his personal connection to Los Angeles, and the supportive environment fostered by the organization. He looks forward to contributing to the team’s success and embracing the challenges that come with donning the purple and gold jersey.

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