Baker Mayfield makes his final decision amid his future with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers amidst and leadership organizational changes…

Baker Mayfield stands at a crossroads in his career as he contemplates his future with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, facing the prospect of entering free agency in the upcoming 2024 offseason. Despite his successful stint with the team during his prove-it year, the decision ultimately rests with Mayfield, and the recent hiring of a new offensive coordinator adds a layer of uncertainty to his deliberations.

Following a commendable journey to the divisional round of the 2023 playoffs, the Buccaneers bid farewell to their former offensive coordinator, Dave Canales, who departed to assume the role of head coach for the Carolina Panthers. Consequently, the team embarked on a quest to find Canales’ replacement, culminating in the selection of seasoned coach Liam Coen, renowned for his extensive experience as an offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles expressed enthusiasm over Coen’s appointment, highlighting his innovative offensive strategies and coaching prowess as invaluable assets to the team. Coen’s previous roles include serving as the offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams in 2022 before returning to Kentucky in 2021 and 2023 to fulfill similar responsibilities.

Amidst these organizational changes within the Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield finds himself contemplating the implications for his potential return. While he experienced success under Canales’ stewardship, Mayfield acknowledges the uncertainty surrounding his ability to replicate that success under Coen’s direction. However, Mayfield remains optimistic about the prospect of collaborating with Coen, expressing eagerness to continue his journey with the Buccaneers.

During an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Mayfield voiced his appreciation for the Buccaneers’ decision to hire Coen, citing familiarity with his coaching style and the continuity of the offensive system from the previous season. When pressed about his future intentions with the team, Mayfield openly expressed his desire to remain in Tampa Bay, praising the team’s operational dynamics and the freedom it affords him on the field.

Despite initial expectations for Mayfield to serve as a transitional quarterback, his stellar performance has sparked discussions about his potential as the Buccaneers’ long-term quarterback. While a definitive agreement has yet to materialize, both parties appear inclined towards continuing their partnership, with mutual aspirations for a sustained collaboration.

Baker Mayfield faces a pivotal decision regarding his future with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers amidst organizational changes and the appointment of a new offensive coordinator. Despite uncertainties, Mayfield remains optimistic about the prospect of extending his tenure with the team, fueled by a shared vision for success and a desire to build upon past accomplishments.

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