Insider make huge claims about Todd Bowles’ leadership style; Bucs fans will love it…

The leadership of Todd Bowles is praised

Yes, a lot of Bucs supporters dislike Todd Bowles’ approach to public leadership and his appearance in the locker room on YouTube following team wins.

While grumpy-hater syndrome plays a role in this scenario, some people believe Bowles lacks leadership because they don’t see it in the head coach.

Last week, Rachaad White attempted to correct the record on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“He shows us the proper path. The most admirable quality in Bowles, in my opinion, is his calmness at all times, White remarked. “He exudes a certain poise. He is highly present-minded. He is definitely among those individuals who, as they say, “never get too high, never get too low.” I think that’s the greatest way to characterize him. He speaks. His passion for the game is evident. zeal for that particular game. I’m really fond of Coach Bowles. We have a fantastic leader in him.

The Bucs were one uncalled timeout away from tying their divisional round playoff game in Detroit and forcing overtime before winning the NFC South.

Bowles was undoubtedly leading the team admirably, and benching captain Devin White toward the end of the season appeared to be a brave and wise move that was well-received by Warren Sapp and others. The Bucs had won six of their previous seven games coming into that Lions game.

In 2024, Bowles will have an even greater task. Bowles had pre-existing excuses in Year 1 of his tenure, beginning with a tardy start to his work three weeks prior to the NFL Draft. Then there were the unexplained absences of Tom Brady. In Year 2, the squad was forced to play with 13 rookies and minimal salary cap space, along with a new quarterback and offense.

If Baker Mayfield returns in Year 3, Bowles won’t be the underdog. The seasoned Bucs are expected to win the NFC South, and Bowles will be under pressure to match or surpass last year’s performance.

The Bucs are the clear favorites, therefore he will have to lead them.

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