Boston’s GM issues a bold statement as he admits they have made a ‘huge’ mistake with their second round pick…

Pwhl Boston moves Minnesota in a stunning manner…

It seems like Boston management is acknowledging that their second-round pick was a mistake.

Boston has given up on their second-round pick after just seven games. To trade someone with a ranking of 28th out of all players available indicates that you made a mistake. Jaques began the season with five straight games ending in a loss, a -4 +/-, and no points. Despite the fact that you usually give someone more time to develop before shipping them off when you take them with the second choice, management must not have been happy with the trajectory the defending Patty Kazmaier Award winner was displaying this season. She was criticized for both her skating and her defensive performance.

Boston will receive two players from Minnesota in exchange. Finish phenom Susanna Tapani is the main comeback, but Boston University’s Abby Cook will also be joining the team to take Jaques’ spot on the blue line.

Many were thrilled to see Tapani arrive in North America to routinely compete against the top players from the US and Canada. Her two goals and three assists put her in a tie for 18th place in the league’s scoring standings right now.

Cook has been a standout during her tenure on Community Avenue. This season, she has scored one goal and is +3. As Boston continues to look for their identity, Coach Kessel should find her to be a trustworthy candidate.

This transaction adds a fantastic scorer and a solid defense, but the fact that your second round pick is so poor speaks volumes about the leadership of the team that made the personnel decisions.

It will take time to determine whether Boston oversold on a sinking ship, whether Boston was simply the wrong place for Jaques to be, or whether Boston was simply too frantic to try to salvage anything.

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