Cifuentes claims QPR’s deal with 29-year-old ‘win-win for all parties’ – Backs him to be ‘huge player for us’…

Queens Park Rangers recently finalized the acquisition of Lucas Andersen, a significant move that reunited the 29-year-old with his former manager, Martí Cifuentes, at the English club. Andersen’s arrival followed his departure from Danish side AaB Fodbold, which terminated his contract.

In an exclusive interview with Tipsbladet, Cifuentes shed light on the decision to bring Andersen to QPR, emphasizing his admiration for the player’s talents and their positive history together. Cifuentes had previously managed Andersen during his tenure at AaB between 2021 and 2022.

Reflecting on Andersen’s past challenges, including lengthy injury spells that sidelined him for 443 days since December 2020, Cifuentes remained optimistic about the midfielder’s potential impact at QPR. He dismissed concerns about recent form, urging focus on Andersen’s abilities rather than past setbacks.

Cifuentes stressed that Andersen’s current situation at QPR, coupled with his injury-free period of 18 months, should shape perceptions of his capabilities. He expressed confidence that if Andersen reaches his peak performance, he could become a pivotal player for the club.

Addressing Andersen’s ties to AaB, where he emerged from the academy and enjoyed two senior spells, Cifuentes highlighted the player’s enduring affection for the Danish club. He predicted that Andersen would continue to hold AaB in high regard, supporting their endeavors to reclaim their position in the Superliga.

Overall, Cifuentes characterized Andersen’s signing as a mutually beneficial arrangement, emphasizing its potential to yield positive outcomes for all parties involved. He underscored his belief in Andersen’s capacity to thrive at QPR, citing their past collaboration and the player’s proven track record in Danish football.

Cifuentes urged observers to look beyond Andersen’s past setbacks and focus on his current form and potential contributions to QPR’s objectives. He dismissed comparisons between Andersen’s younger self and his current state, affirming his belief in the midfielder’s ability to excel at this stage of his career.

In conclusion, Cifuentes expressed optimism about Andersen’s prospects at QPR, citing his personal rapport with the player and his confidence in his abilities. He anticipated that Andersen’s arrival would add value to the squad and contribute to the club’s aspirations in the championship.

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