Cale Makar has a bittered message after a 4-0 loss to the Florida Panthers: “If you’re not ready, you’re doing something wrong”…

Cale Makar calls a players-only meeting following the Avs’ fourth straight loss, saying, “If you’re not ready, you’re doing something wrong.”

The Florida Panthers’ 4-0 victory left little room for optimism.

Sunshine, Florida After suffering three straight losses, the Avalanche came into Saturday night with a clear goal in place: learn from the mistakes that cost them earlier in this road trip and bring back the competitive attitude they showed against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Rather, the Avs performed poorly in their poorest out of four games. As the game went on, coach Jared Bednar thought the Florida Panthers were more focused and competitive, and the Avalanche were starting to feel sorry for themselves.

The end result was a 4-0 loss, and following the game, the team met with just the players.

“Aside from truly focusing on the specifics of our strategy and asking, ‘What are you going to do to work our way out of it?,’ I don’t think there is much to learn from this one,” stated Bednar. We need to focus on every aspect of our game because, although we were the more hungry squad, they were the more determined team. There’s more to it than just rivalry. With some of the things we were doing out there, we weren’t gentle on ourselves.

With one week left before the All-Star break and the team’s bye, Colorado was riding high at 13-3-1. In terms of both performance and output, it was the best extended period of play the Avs had had all season.

The Avs haven’t played in nine days, and they don’t look the same either. Bednar has repeatedly pointed out that other teams had comparable breaks, so this isn’t a very good justification.

Cale Makar remarked, “In my five years here, I’ve never really had this.” “You must be prepared to leave. That’s what we do. You’re doing something wrong if you’re not ready for professional hockey. Everyone in this room is aware of their responsibilities. All we have to do is execute, and occasionally we let it get away from us. We are not particularly familiar with this.

After the defeat, nobody raised any concerns about the team’s effort or work ethic. The Avs were unable to compete with the Panthers, who are among the strongest teams in the league.

Even the top teams will experience that during the course of the season. Unlike previous losses, this one went away from the Avs as the Panthers applied constant pressure.

In this game, Florida attempted 83 shots at 5-on-5. In 5-on-5 play against Colorado this season, that’s 15 more than any other team has had.

The Washington Capitals will play the Avs Tuesday night in the nation’s capital after the team has two days off. After taking Sunday off, they will practice in South Florida before taking a plane to Washington, D.C.

Everyone works here, in my opinion, according to Andrew Cogliano. “Work comes naturally to our crew. It’s one advantage our squad has, in my opinion. Currently, I believe the focus is on discovering answers.

“We probably missed the most opportunities tonight, and we weren’t as focused as we needed to be,” the author said. I believe the message is clear now. We need to resume playing as a team.

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