The Seattle Mariners make huge plans with regards to top prospects at spring training…

The Seattle Mariners have made significant moves ahead of their major league spring training, extending invitations to their top prospects, Cole Young and Harry Ford. Reports indicate that a clear plan is being formulated for each player as they gear up for the upcoming season.

Cole Young, a standout first-round pick from the 2022 draft, is poised to make his debut at big league spring training. Notably, expectations are high for Young to feature prominently during this period. Meanwhile, Harry Ford, primarily known as a catcher, may find himself exploring infield positions during the training sessions.

Both Young and Ford hold esteemed positions as the top prospects within the Mariners’ system, ranking at 37th and 38th, respectively, in the MLB Top 100 prospects list. Young, drafted directly from high school, showcased his prowess by batting.277 across various A-Ball levels last season. His impressive offensive stats include 11 home runs, 62 RBIs, and a remarkable 34 doubles.

Ford, following a similar trajectory, was drafted in 2021 from the high school ranks. His notable performance for team Great Britain in the 2023 World Baseball Classic preceded a solid season with High-A Everett, where he recorded a.257 batting average along with 15 home runs and 67 RBIs. Given the presence of Cal Raleigh as the established catcher, the Mariners are considering infield positions for Ford to expedite his path to the major leagues.

Both prospects exhibit promising offensive capabilities. Young demonstrates remarkable contact skills, boasting a low strikeout rate and an impressive ability to hit to all fields. Ford, on the other hand, showcases advanced plate discipline, ranking third among all Minor League hitters in 2023 with 103 walks. Additionally, he possesses considerable power potential and impressive speed, evident from his 47 stolen bases over two seasons.

The Mariners, who narrowly missed the playoffs last season with an 88-74 record, are strategically planning to integrate these promising prospects into their lineup. With no definitive long-term solutions in the infield beyond JP Crawford, the team is exploring options to maximize Ford’s potential impact.

The Mariners are poised to leverage the talents of Young and Ford during major league spring training, aiming to solidify their roster and potentially address positional gaps for the upcoming season.

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