The Colts aim to bolster their offensive firepower for the 2024 season after surpassing expectations in 2023 despite setbacks.

Shane Steichen has a crucial decision to make.

Colts: 5 Wide Receiver Options That Can Create After the Catch…
The Colts need another weapon or two on offense to push them over the top in 2024.

The Colts are aiming to bolster their offensive firepower for the 2024 season after surpassing expectations in 2023 despite setbacks. Despite facing challenges like losing their starting quarterback early in the season and dealing with injuries to key players, the Colts managed to achieve a respectable ranking in scoring offense under Head Coach Shane Steichen.

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, the Colts have reasons to be optimistic about their offensive lineup. With key players like Anthony Richardson and Jonathan Taylor expected to be ready for action, along with the return of their top receivers and offensive line starters, the team anticipates continuity on offense, a rarity in recent years.

Unlike previous offseasons where the focus was on revamping the offense, this time the Colts aim to enhance the existing pieces. With crucial positions like quarterback and left tackle seemingly settled, the emphasis is on adding difference-makers to the roster. One area of improvement identified is the need for a receiver who excels in creating plays after the catch.

In the NFL, successful passing offenses often hinge on yards gained after receptions. Unfortunately, the Colts struggled in this aspect last season, ranking poorly in both yards after catch and broken tackles forced by receivers. While the upgrade at quarterback could lead to more opportunities for yards after catch, adding another receiver with this skill set remains a priority.

Considering free agency, draft prospects, and potential trades, here are five players who could address this need for the Colts:

Noah Brown (Free Agent): Brown, coming off a career-best season with the Houston Texans, offers strong after-catch abilities and versatility.

Kendrick Bourne (Free Agent): Despite injury setbacks, Bourne brings consistent production and reliability as a route runner, making him a solid option for the Colts in free agency.

Malachi Corley (Draft): Western Kentucky’s Corley, compared to Deebo Samuel for his style of play, excels in gaining yards after the catch and could be a valuable addition through the draft.

Malik Washington (Draft): Virginia’s Washington boasts impressive stats in yards after the catch and missed tackles forced, making him an enticing prospect for the Colts in the draft.

Rondale Moore (Trade): Moore, potentially available for trade from the Arizona Cardinals, offers explosive playmaking ability after the catch and familiarity with the local area, making him an intriguing option for the Colts.

By targeting receivers who excel at generating yards after the catch, the Colts aim to further strengthen their offensive arsenal for the upcoming season.


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