Michael Malone explains why the Nuggets are unlikely to make ‘huge’ NBA Trade Deadline deals…

With the NBA trade deadline looming less than 24 hours away, the customary anticipation and excitement are palpable among fans, eagerly awaiting potential last-minute deals that could alter the league’s competitive landscape. However, those hoping for flashy, headline-grabbing moves from the Denver Nuggets are likely to be disappointed, as indications suggest the team will refrain from major transactions.

Several factors contribute to this expectation, foremost among them being the Nuggets’ well-established starting lineup, anchored by the incomparable Nikola Jokic, a two-time MVP and Finals MVP. Under the leadership of head coach Michael Malone, who typically tightens his rotations come playoff time, Denver’s core players are expected to see the majority of minutes on the court, leaving little room for significant additions to the roster.

This streamlined rotation strategy diminishes the appeal of acquiring new players who would struggle to surpass the Nuggets’ current bench contributors, such as Reggie Jackson, Christian Braun, and Peyton Watson. Even prospects like Julian Strawther and DeAndre Jordan face steep competition for playing time. The case of Thomas Bryant, acquired midseason last year, serves as a cautionary tale; despite initial promise, Bryant failed to integrate effectively into Denver’s system and saw no playoff action.

Any potential acquisitions by the Nuggets ahead of the deadline are likely to serve as insurance against injuries rather than significant contributors on the court. This pragmatic approach underscores Denver’s focus on maintaining roster stability and continuity, particularly given the success of their core group. Consequently, fans expecting blockbuster trades or marquee signings may need to temper their expectations, as the Nuggets prioritize cohesion and consistency over headline-grabbing moves.

While the NBA trade deadline typically sparks excitement and speculation across the league, the Denver Nuggets are unlikely to make substantial waves this year. With a well-established starting lineup and a penchant for tight playoff rotations, the team’s focus remains on preserving continuity rather than pursuing flashy acquisitions.


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