Insider heaps praise on CJ Stroud’s breath-taking hoop display in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game…

Why Is Texans’ CJ Stroud In The NBA Celebrity All-Star Game? Check out his breathtaking hoop highlights…

Texans quarterback CJ Stroud, originally from Rancho Cucamonga, California, where he excelled on the basketball court in high school, has now made a name for himself in football as a standout player for the Ohio State Buckeyes and a rising star in the NFL. With an impressive 4,108 passing yards and 23 touchdowns during the 2023 season, Stroud has garnered attention as a top contender for NFL Offensive Player of the Year.

Despite his football success, Stroud’s basketball skills have not gone unnoticed. The rookie quarterback is set to showcase his talents on the court once again, this time as a participant in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game in Indianapolis on February 16. The announcement of the game’s roster by ESPN and the NBA included Stroud among the notable names selected for the event.

Scheduled as part of the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities, the Celebrity Game will be broadcasted by ESPN, with Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe serving as head coaches for the respective teams. Stroud will join forces with former NBA player Metta World Peace, singer Jennifer Hudson, and chef Kwame Onwuachi, among others, on Team Stephen A.

Their opponents, Team Shannon, led by Shannon Sharpe, will feature Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons alongside a diverse lineup of entertainers and athletes.

The inclusion of Stroud and Parsons adds an exciting dimension to the Celebrity Game, highlighting the crossover appeal of athletes across different sports. As Stroud prepares to take the court alongside fellow celebrities, football fans eagerly anticipate seeing his skills on display in a new arena.


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