Why the new deal with Bally Sports North is unlikely to increase the Twins’ offseason spending…

The Minnesota Twins have struck a new deal with Diamond Sports Group, ensuring their games will continue to be broadcast on Bally Sports North for another season. This agreement, pending approval by a bankruptcy judge, is anticipated to maintain the same broadcasting terms as previous years.

For local fans who have opted to cut the cord, hoping for a direct-to-consumer viewing option for the Twins in 2024, this development is disappointing. However, they are not alone in their disappointment.

Derek Falvey, the president of baseball operations for the Twins, initially cited the need to reduce payroll for the 2024 season due to uncertainties surrounding $65 million in revenue. This revenue was at risk after the expiration of their TV deal with Bally Sports North (Diamond Sports Group) following the 2023 season.

While fans of the streaming generation are understandably disheartened by this news, the new deal is expected to cover up to 85% of the revenue the organization feared losing. This raises questions about whether the Twins will reinvest the $25 to $30 million they cut from player payroll.

However, speculations about increased spending on players like Blake Snell or Jordan Montgomery may be premature. According to Darren Wolfson of KSTP and SKOR North, Joe Pohlad, a key figure in the Twins organization, issued a directive early in the offseason to cut $25 million in player salaries regardless of the TV deal outcome.

This revelation prompts reflection on whether the stability of TV revenue influences the team’s self-imposed salary limits. The consensus seems to be that the decision to cut player payroll was made independently of the TV deal.

This stance does not bode well for the Twins’ efforts to rebuild trust with their fanbase. While it’s disheartening but unsurprising, there remains hope that the ownership group, led by the Pohlad family, will reconsider their approach. The opportunity to capitalize on the team’s recent success and assert dominance in the AL Central is evident, provided they are willing to invest in player salaries.

In any other season following a successful playoff run, fans would expect the Twins to increase spending to strengthen their roster. Instead, expectations have been lowered to the point where maintaining last year’s player payroll would be seen as a positive outcome.

Unfortunately, it seems that even this modest expectation might not be met. The justification of financial constraints due to TV revenue appears to have been just that—an excuse to avoid investing in the team.

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