Roquan Smith has a nine-word message for Zach Orr after his promotion to coordinator…

Roquan Smith: “I know it’s going to be great for us.”

Following Mike Macdonald’s departure to assume the role of head coach for the Seahawks, the Baltimore Ravens swiftly elevated Zach Orr from inside linebackers coach to defensive coordinator.

At 31 years old, Orr’s coaching journey commenced in 2017 with the Ravens following an early retirement from playing due to injury after a brief three-season stint with Baltimore. After a stint as the Jacksonville Jaguars’ outside linebackers coach in 2021, Orr returned to the Ravens in 2022 to assume the role of inside linebackers coach.

This transition has led Orr to forge a close connection with linebacker Roquan Smith over the past two seasons. In a statement issued by the team, Smith conveyed his enthusiasm for Orr’s ascension to defensive coordinator.

Expressing deep admiration for Orr’s work ethic and approach, Smith highlighted the passion and dedication Orr brings to coaching, emphasizing his ability to impart knowledge and relate to players. Smith also noted Orr’s youthfulness and recent experience in the game, suggesting it as a valuable asset for the team’s defense. He underscored Orr’s reputation for earning respect not solely through words but through consistent actions and demeanor, asserting his belief that Orr’s leadership will greatly benefit the defense.

Smith’s sentiments are underscored by his own on-field performance under Orr’s guidance during the 2023 season. Leading the Ravens in total tackles, Smith’s impressive statistics showcase the impact of Orr’s coaching prowess. With five tackles for loss, five QB hits, 1.5 sacks, eight passes defensed, an interception, and a forced fumble, Smith’s performance stands as a testament to the effectiveness of Orr’s coaching methods.

In conclusion, Smith’s endorsement of Orr’s promotion to defensive coordinator reflects a shared mindset and a belief in Orr’s ability to lead the defense effectively, signaling optimism for the team’s future under his guidance.

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