Eagles’ 24-Year-Old Pro Bowl Star Could Be Poached by Giants…

The New York Giants are seen as a potential destination for a rising star from their NFC East rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles. Analyst Brad Spielberger from Pro Football Focus suggests that the Giants might consider picking up Eagles’ standout running back D’Andre Swift, especially with their current lead runner, Saquon Barkley, heading into free agency. Spielberger highlights Swift’s recent development, noting his improvement in following designed plays and his skill in catching passes out of the backfield.

Despite Swift’s impressive performance, there’s speculation that the Eagles might allow him to leave in free agency due to their reputation for being frugal with running-back contracts. This echoes a similar situation in the past when the Eagles opted not to re-sign Miles Sanders after he earned a Pro Bowl nod in 2022. Sanders ended up signing a lucrative deal with the Carolina Panthers but struggled in his first season with the team, raising questions about the Eagles’ approach to player contracts.

Swift’s market value is estimated to be around $6.7 million per year for four years, while Barkley’s projected value stands at $9.9 million annually for three years. With the Giants having moderate salary cap space, around $26.8 million available, it’s a plausible scenario for them to pursue Swift if Barkley decides to seek opportunities elsewhere, particularly with playoff-contending teams.

Comparing the performance metrics from last season, Swift’s offensive and rushing grades were slightly lower than Barkley’s. However, the potential cost savings could make Swift an attractive option for the Giants if they’re looking to allocate resources efficiently.

Meanwhile, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel downplays any notion of a rivalry between his team and the Eagles. Speaking during Super Bowl media day, Samuel dismisses the idea of a rivalry based on recent performances, referencing the Niners’ dominant win over the Eagles in their last encounter. This victory contributed to the Eagles’ downward spiral after an impressive start to the season, ultimately missing the playoffs. Despite some previous exchanges between Samuel and Eagles cornerback James Bradberry, there seems to be no lingering animosity between the teams.

Looking ahead, the Eagles and Niners won’t face off during the 2024 regular season, meaning any rematch would have to occur in the playoffs. This absence from the regular-season schedule puts a pause on any potential rivalry buildup between the two teams, leaving their interactions limited to postseason matchups.

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