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Giants trade pitch flips Dexter Lawrence for $96 million WR…

Is it time for the New York Giants, under the new leadership of general manager Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll, to make a significant move? This question has gained traction with a recent proposal from Bleacher Report’s Maurice Moton suggesting a potential blockbuster trade between the Giants and the Buffalo Bills, involving Pro Bowl defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence being sent to Buffalo in exchange for Bills’ star wide receiver Stefon Diggs, a player with a $96 million contract. Moton’s speculative trade scenario is based on Diggs expressing uncertainty about his future with the Bills during the 2024 Pro Bowl Games.

Moton supported this bold trade proposal with several reasons why the Giants might consider such a move. Firstly, he highlighted the Giants’ pressing need for improvement in their passing game, as none of their receivers had more than 60 receptions or four receiving touchdowns in the 2023 season. Moton pointed out that a previous trade with the Las Vegas Raiders for tight end Darren Waller may not have met expectations, and with quarterback Daniel Jones entering the second term of his lucrative four-year, $160 million contract, acquiring a high-level pass-catcher becomes crucial. Moton emphasized the existing chemistry between Daboll and Diggs, developed during their time together with the Bills, where Diggs earned an All-Pro nod in 2020.

To sweeten the deal for the Giants, Moton suggested that including Lawrence in the trade would allow them to retain their No. 6 overall pick and one of their two second-round picks in the 2024 draft. He acknowledged that Diggs’ age (30) might slightly lower his trade value compared to recent blockbuster wide receiver transactions.

However, Moton acknowledged the difficulty of selling the idea of parting ways with Lawrence. Despite not always showcasing his contributions on the stat sheet, Lawrence has been a linchpin for the Giants’ defense, earning Pro Bowl and second-team All-Pro honors in the past two seasons. He recorded impressive stats in the 2023 season, with 65 quarterback pressures and 35 defensive stops, ranking high among interior defensive linemen. Lawrence’s impact, coupled with his consistent performance in previous seasons, makes trading him for a wide receiver entering the latter part of his prime a tough proposition.

Giants might have an opportunity to draft a premier wide receiver talent in the 2024 draft with their No. 6 overall pick, potentially outweighing the impact of Diggs. While acknowledging the potential motivations for such a trade, including the make-or-break season for Schoen and Daboll, Moton presented the tough sell of giving up Lawrence, a key defensive asset, for Diggs, and questioned whether the Giants should seriously consider this proposed blockbuster trade.

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