Bulls’ Coby White Shares Mount Rushmore Of Chicago Athletes…

Chicago Bulls’ guard, Coby White, recently participated in a Q&A session, offering insights into various aspects of his life and preferences. Among the questions, White revealed his favorite NBA jersey (Bed-Stuy Brooklyn Nets), dream 1v1 opponent (Kevin Hart), and the game he would choose to witness in sports history (Game 5 of the 2016 Finals, featuring Kyrie Irving and LeBron James).

When asked about a potential movie about his life, White expressed a desire for Denzel Washington to portray him. In terms of basketball, he identified DeMar DeRozan as the most challenging player to guard in the league. White also shared his favorite NBA city to play in (Toronto) due to the vibrant fan base.

In a playful scenario, if White could trade places with a teammate for a day, he would choose Patrick Williams, describing him as a cool and laid-back individual. The conversation took an interesting turn when White was asked to create a Mount Rushmore of Chicago athletes. His selections included Derrick Rose, Mo Cheeks, Michael Jordan, and Patrick Kane.

Derrick Rose, despite facing career setbacks due to injuries, earned the MVP title in 2011 while playing for the Bulls. Mo Cheeks, although not a Bulls player, was born in Chicago, attended DuSable High School, and later became a four-time NBA All-Star, winning a championship in 1983. Currently serving as an assistant coach for the Bulls, Cheeks contributes to the team’s coaching staff.

Michael Jordan, a basketball legend, secured six NBA titles, six Finals MVPs, and five regular-season MVPs during his illustrious 13-season career with the Bulls. Widely regarded as the greatest player in franchise and Chicago history, Jordan’s impact extends beyond the basketball court.

Completing the Mount Rushmore is Patrick Kane, a notable figure in the NHL as part of the Chicago Blackhawks from 2007 to 2023. Kane’s contributions led to three Stanley Cup victories (2010, 2013, and 2015), and in 2017, he was recognized among the 100 Greatest NHL Players.

White’s Mount Rushmore reflects a diverse selection of athletes who have left an indelible mark on Chicago sports history, capturing both basketball and hockey greatness in the city.

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