Browns’ respond to recent rumors as team make a final call on Amari Cooper’s future; fans will love it…

The Cleveland Browns have definitively stated that they have no intention of parting ways with Amari Cooper, dispelling rumors suggesting the team might cut him due to salary cap constraints. Instead, the organization is leaning towards renegotiating Cooper’s contract during the upcoming offseason to retain him.

Despite concerns about the Browns seeking cost-saving measures and Cooper’s substantial $23.7 million cap hit for the next season, Terry Pluto of, citing reliable sources, emphatically declared that Cooper is firmly in the team’s plans. The receiver, acquired through a trade in 2022, has proven to be a valuable asset, contributing significantly with back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons and earning his fifth Pro Bowl nod.

While Cooper has been a standout performer, Pluto highlights the financial considerations the Browns face with his current contract. However, he notes that there is a strong possibility of extending Cooper’s deal, securing the team’s top pass-catcher for additional years while potentially reducing the cap hit for the upcoming season.

The report stresses that Cooper’s impact goes beyond statistics, drawing a parallel with Nick Chubb’s revered status among coaches and teammates. The Browns management values his positive influence on and off the field, suggesting that reworking his contract might not be a necessity but an option if required.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Cooper’s future, especially with just one year left on his current deal, the consensus within the Browns organization seems to be leaning towards retaining him. His remarkable performance during the previous season, where he carried the offense despite quarterback changes, solidifies his position as a key asset for the team.

Cooper’s standout game against the Houston Texans on Christmas Eve, where he set a franchise single-game record with 265 receiving yards, further underlines his importance to the Browns. Cooper remains focused on the future, expressing gratitude for his achievements but emphasizing a forward-looking perspective on his career.

As the Browns plan for the upcoming offseason, securing additional offensive weapons to support Cooper emerges as a priority. While Elijah Moore and tight end David Njoku made solid contributions, the team recognizes the need for a formidable second option alongside Cooper. Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski acknowledges the desire to add talented players to the roster, expressing satisfaction with the performances of key contributors like Cooper, Njoku, and Moore.

Potential targets for the Browns to bolster their receiving corps include Tee Higgins, Mike Evans, and Calvin Ridley. However, the feasibility of these acquisitions will hinge on the amount of cap space the Browns can create during the offseason. The organization’s commitment to enhancing the offensive arsenal signals an intention to build on the successes of the previous season and ensure sustained competitiveness in the upcoming campaigns.


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