Texans’ Pro Bowl QB C.J. Stroud has a three-word message ahead of the 2024 season as he spells out his primary goal…

Texans’ Pro Bowl Quarterback C.J. Stroud is gearing up for the 2024 season with the primary goal of matching or surpassing the team’s remarkable performance in 2023. Despite initially low expectations, the Texans defied odds by reaching the Divisional Round of the playoffs after a 10-7 regular season. Stroud attributes the team’s success to the strong trust between the coaching staff and players.

As the team looks forward to the upcoming season, Stroud expresses his eagerness to “run it back,” particularly with the return of offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik and quarterbacks coach Jerrod Johnson.

Reflecting on their debut season, Stroud acknowledges that while many viewed it as the team’s first year, the players had a collective wealth of experience playing at a high level. He emphasizes the valuable relationships forged with both veteran and rookie teammates, considering them as brothers. Stroud is enthusiastic about the prospect of building on this camaraderie in the upcoming season, aiming for even greater success.

Stroud stands out as a testament to the Texans’ strategic foundation, exemplified by his journey from being the No. 2 prospect at his position in the 2023 NFL Draft to receiving his first Pro Bowl honor within nine months. His rookie season is hailed as one of the best in league history, with impressive statistics including 4,108 passing yards, 23 touchdowns, and a 63.9% completion rate.

Notably, Stroud’s Pro Bowl selection marks the third for the Texans, alongside left tackle Laremy Tunsil and defensive end Will Anderson Jr. He also achieved the distinction of being the first quarterback since Deshaun Watson in 2019 and the first rookie in franchise history to earn this prestigious accolade. The Texans are poised for an exciting future, building on the success of their rising star quarterback.

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