Nick Nurse shares worrying updates ahead of Nets’ clash…

The absence of Joel Embiid poses an intriguing challenge for the Philadelphia 76ers in their upcoming clash with the resilient Nets. The team’s record without Embiid stands at 4-9 this season, a stark contrast to their 26-8 performance with him.

While Maxey and Harris are expected to shoulder the offensive load, doubts linger about their ability to secure a victory. The 76ers, on a five-game road stretch, face a well-rested Nets squad enjoying a home stint.

Tyrese Maxey’s impressive 51-point effort in their recent narrow win against the Jazz showcased his emerging offensive prowess, yet relying on him to consistently fill Embiid’s shoes seems uncertain.

The Nets, with various scoring options, present a formidable challenge, especially considering the 76ers’ defensive struggles since Embiid’s absence. As the teams face off, there’s a suggestion to consider the underdog 76ers on the road in this context.





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