The Browns’ GM shares his verdict on two best players the Browns must trade for in the 2024 NFL offseason…

The Cleveland Browns, coming off a challenging yet promising 2023 NFL season, are now turning their focus to the 2024 NFL offseason. The team is eyeing strategic player acquisitions to address key areas of improvement, with two standout players on their radar: Brandin Cooks and Azeez Ojulari.

Brandin Cooks, known for his speed and precise route-running, is seen as a potential asset to bolster the Browns’ receiving corps. His potential reunion with quarterback Deshaun Watson, with whom he thrived in Houston in 2020, adds an intriguing dimension to the team’s offensive dynamics. Additionally, the Browns are considering the cap limitations surrounding Amari Cooper, making Cooks an appealing trade candidate.

Azeez Ojulari, a dynamic edge rusher, is identified as a player who could significantly enhance the Browns’ defensive capabilities. Despite a strong debut season marked by eight sacks, Ojulari’s subsequent performance has raised questions, making him a possible trade target for the Browns. Pairing Ojulari with Myles Garrett could fortify Cleveland’s pass rush, and the ongoing rebuild of the New York Giants may create a timely opportunity for the Browns to secure Ojulari’s services.

The Browns, armed with eight selections in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft, including picks in the second, third, and fifth rounds, are well-positioned to engage in impactful trade negotiations. The team’s resilience during the 2023 season, overcoming key injuries to finish with an 11-6 record and a postseason berth, highlights their determination and sets the stage for strategic offseason moves.

However, the Browns face challenges, including a projected $13.9 million salary cap deficit and uncertainties surrounding key players like Nick Chubb, whose contract expiration and recovery from a significant knee injury pose considerations for the team. Tough decisions, such as potentially parting ways with Chubb to salvage cap space, lie ahead for the Browns’ front office.

Reflecting on the 2023 offseason, where impactful contributors like Dalvin Tomlinson and Ogbonnia Okoronkwo were acquired, the Browns may adopt a measured approach in the upcoming offseason. Retaining key personnel and prudent roster management will be prioritized, but the team remains open to seizing opportune trade scenarios to enhance their chances of sustained success.

The Browns aim to build on successes and address shortcomings. Brandin Cooks and Azeez Ojulari are identified as compelling trade targets, offering unique contributions to both offense and defense. With draft capital and a keen eye for opportunity, the Browns aim to position themselves as legitimate contenders in the upcoming NFL campaign. The decisions made by head coach Kevin Stefanski, general manager Andrew Berry, and the front office during the offseason will play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the franchise for years to come.



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